Getting Personal And FINALLY Stepping Into Discomfort

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2022

On most days I'll share with you relationship advice to help you have a stronger love life.

Today is Going To Be A Bit Different

I'm pulling back the curtain and being vulnerable about what's been going on.

So here it goes...

Of course, it's a new year and, like so many of us, I'm thinking of all the things I want to create in 2022.

However, unlike other years I find myself in a strange new environment, facing strange new challenges.

My family has recently relocated to Mexico for the winter, and, in addition to the culture shock and language barrier, we've hit on some bigger challenges as well.

We've made two trips to the emergency room in less than a week for my daughter.

(Once for a possible head concussion... the second for an allergic reaction)

Thankfully everything seems to be okay now... but it's been a stressful few days.

And With All Of This Happening, It's Causing Me To See Things In A Different Way

You see, I've been really pushing myself to see the world through more of a spiritual or metaphysical lens recently.

And these challenges have really been a reflection of some personal development shifts I've been going through.

However, What I've Also Been Called To Do Is To Make This Year About YOU

Maybe you've noticed the shift in the YouTube videos I've been making.

Maybe you've noticed the videos I've been posting in the Embodied Love facebook group.

Maybe you've noticed many of the other changes we've made recently.

But 2022 is going to be a big year where I share myself vulnerably with you and invite you on a journey of real and meaningful transformation for you and your relationship life.

But... (The Infamous "But"...)

There's One Big Request You've Been Making That I've Been Holding Back On For YEARS... Despite Your Many Pleas And Outcries

I'm contemplating changing my mind and giving you what you have been asking for for so long.

... But I'm hesitant because it means sharing more of myself and my life with you than I have before.

...And I'm going to need your help too.

Anyway, the really big request is...

...Stay tuned till next time...



PS: I'll be back in a few days with more information. In the meantimes, please leave a comment, letting me know what you want to call in in 2022. How has your new year been? 


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