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Want A Rare Chance At Making Things Right With the Person You Love?

We’ve created a comprehensive online training program chock full of everything we have learned about saving a relationship from working with real people since 2009 and seeing every type of situation imaginable.

This program is an online video course that we've compiled from years of teaching and coaching people personally how to get back together with their ex after their ex had completely given up on them.

These coaching clients have paid thousands of dollars to work with us to help them save their relationships… many of those clients are now in a relationship with or married to the people they used to call their ex.

Here’s a peek at what you can find inside the Ex Solution Course so you can decide it’s right for you before you sign up today:

What The Ex Solution Program Can Do For You:

  • The secret emotion your ex feels that will literally make it impossible for you two to get back together (At least until you switch off this emotion once and for all with the Advanced Relational Skills we cover in the course)
  • A stealth way to ethically take your ex’s focus off of anyone they might be dating right now, and pull it right back to you (This is how you can get your ex back from a rebound relationship even if it seems "fairy tale perfect" right now)
  • How to never run out of things to talk to your ex about -- have real conversations that will open them up and sharing more of themselves with you than you ever imagined possible, as the two of you grow closer and closer together
  • How often you should contact your ex before asking them to meet up with you (and what to do if they are still reluctant)
  • The 5 WORST mistakes that even smart people make when texting their ex that will completely kill the good vibes between them and have their ex ignoring your messages
  • How to ask your ex for what you really want without coming across as pushy or risking turning them off (this is the key to having more connection and a rational discussion about the future of the two of you without resorting to things that rarely work, like ultimatums)
  • Your ex says that they don’t love you anymore, so your situation is hopeless, right? WRONG! When you understand your ex’s emotional psychology, you’ll see why you absolutely still have a chance (even if things seem hopeless right now) -- Not understanding this causes so many people to give up way too soon
  • Why your ex isn’t even willing to talk to you, and the surprisingly counter-intuitive thing you can do to get them to open up to you again (If you miss this, you may experience weeks or even months of frustration trying to break their silence)
  • How to dissolve the pressure and anxiety you may feel around your ex so that you can relax and be the easy-going person they first fell in love with (This is KEY to building a solid connection and inspiring them to want to get back together with you)
  • Worried about being locked away in the "Friend Zone"? Why your ex will never see you as "just a friend" and how agreeing to be friends is actually the most powerful thing you can do to rebuild a strong romantic connection.
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Discover How To Deepen The Emotional Connection So That Your Ex Remembers How Much Your Connection Means To Them And...

  • When sleeping with your ex could actually backfire on you terribly, unless you make sure THIS is in place first (If you neglect this, you may just end up as a booty call or a friend with benefits until your ex grows bored with you and moves on)
  • Getting nothing but dead silence after texting your ex? By obeying "conversational laws," you can make your ex feel more comfortable and excited to respond to your messages
  • Why you absolutely do NOT need to worry about "the friend zone," and why focusing on attraction can be a huge waste of time for most people (Hint: they are ALREADY attracted to you, even if they say they aren’t, and I’ll prove it to you)
  • How and when to apologize to your ex (don’t even think of apologizing to your ex unless you meet these criteria and follow this communication strategy, or else you’ll really be sorry...)
  • Does your ex want to be “friends” with you? Believe it or not, this is actually a GOOD thing… if you know how to leverage it to your advantage properly (Fortunately for you, I'll show you how to do this in a way that keeps them seeing you as a romantic prospect)

We Are Not Holding Back Here!

Every strategy I’ve compiled is in here, from helping people save their relationships (since 2009) to increasing the positive bond between you and your ex so that you can get back together with them.

These are all the strategies and techniques that I’ve learned over the years from helping personal coaching clients (who pay several thousand dollars to get help with their relationships) get back together with their exes. These are real life people who are now back together with, married to, or enjoying raising a family together with the people that they used to call their ex.

Also, I know that every relationship is unique and you might have a tricky situation or need a little bit of extra help. If that’s the case, then you also have the option of adding the Modern Love Association to your membership when you join today so that you don't have to navigate your way through everything alone.

Start Your New Beginning Today - $197 USD

This Course Is NOT For You If...

There are a lot of people who are interested in saving their relationship, looking for answers online. However, this program isn't for just anyone. In fact, this program is only for a specific type of person.

This program may NOT be a good fit for you if you are any of the following:

  • You think a “ninja” text message script or template is all it’s going to take to save your relationship
  • You are looking for mind games or reverse psychology tricks to use on your ex
  • You don’t want to put any actual work into saving your relationship, you just want to know what to say (This may come as a shock to some people out there, but relationships actually require you to put in some work)
  • You don’t have the patience or discipline to follow instructions or do exercises
  • You don’t want to take responsibility for the results you’re getting with your ex or in life
  • You want me to tell you specifically what to say or do so that you can turn off your brain and just coast (Sorry, but you are a active participant in your relationship)
  • You are trying to do anything unethical or illegal (such as convincing your ex into coming back into an abusive relationship or trying to be with an underage person, for example)

If any of the above sounds like you, I'm sorry but I DO NOT think we'd be a good fit together.

We've worked with people who turned out to be not the best fit because they wanted shortcuts and were not willing to do the work that we've laid out inside the course. The last thing we want to do is waste anyone's time or money.

The people that tend to do the best with this course are heart-centered professionals and entrepreneurs who believe that they play an important role in creating the relationships they have in their lives.

If I haven’t scared you away yet, there’s still a chance that you might be a good fit for the Ex Solution Program.

And if you want in and you are ready to inspire your ex's love and affection back, I invite you to join below.

Start Your New Beginning Today - $197 USD

Why The Ex Solution Course Is The Best Course For Getting Results With Your Ex


Based On Real Results From Real Couples

We've helped thousands of people get results. We've cried, bled, and sweat committing our time to helping those going through a breakup.

What we teach inside the Ex Solution Course is based on the results we've gotten with the thousands of people we've worked with over the years.

We've helped people reunite with their ex, save their marriage, and many have even gotten married and started a family with their ex because of this program.

This isn't just a weekend "hobby," helping people with their breakups and love life is our mission.

Helps You And Your Ex Move Forward Without Manipulation Or Mind Games

We don't believe in no-action advice like "Time heals all wounds" or "If it was meant to be, it was meant to be" or "If they really love you, let them go..."

Nope. Nada. Not an ounce of what we call "fortune cookie advice" is in this course.

Instead you will get tangible advice based on interpersonal relational skills that will increase the emotional connection between you and your ex so that you can easily stand head and shoulders above the person who your ex thinks they broke up with (or whoever your ex might be currently dating right now).

Works On Unique Or Tricky Situations That Can Make Things More Complicated

Every situation and every relationship is different, and sometimes present unique challenges.

The techniques in this course can help you connect even if your ex has an "avoidant" attachment style.

The strategies have helped people reunite in long distance relationship situations.

And they have helped people even if their ex was in a relationship with someone new (rebound relationship) and seemed to have no interest at all in getting back together.

Or even if their ex only wanted to be friends

Plus, many more...

Start Your New Beginning Today - $197 USD

Instructor: Clay Andrews


Hi, my name is I'm Clay Andrews.

And if you're a heart-centered action-taker who is willing to put in some work in order to get your ex back and save your relationship, I'll show you everything you need to know to have a deeper and more profound connection with your ex so that, even if your situation feels hopeless, you both can have a second shot at lasting love.

From Exes To Newlyweds

"After many months of taking it slow, and talking through our values, our wants,our fears, and life paths, G. proposed to me! We'll be getting married in July sometime and moving to Tanzania together shortly afterward. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for your support and guidance through this all."  

- Natalie L., Washington, DC.

Back Together After An Impossible Situation

"I went from a seemingly impossible situation to being reunited with my girlfriend. Considering that I now have the woman of my dreams back in my life, the money I invested in this coaching program was worth every penny. Mika and Clay are passionate about helping people get back together and supporting their clients. Their advice was spot-on. Without it, I would have never gotten back together with my girlfriend. We are now talking about the possibility of getting married."  

Stephen C., Connecticut, USA

Married To The Man Who Was Once Her Ex

"I wanted to send you a small life update; I got married in a Catholic ceremony to the man who was once my ex, and I can’t thank you enough. You helped me to not only re-establish a relationship with him, but also helped us to have a better relationship than ever before. Our communication is stronger and more transparent, and we handle family issues completely differently now (which was a big factor in our breakup."

- Samantha C. Georgia, USA

Connect Better With Your Ex, Guaranteed


We know that it can be difficult to trust online.

That’s why we guarantee that if you do the work, you’ll get results.

After you sign up, go through the Ex Solution Course and if you have any technical issues or any questions about applying what you find in the program, contact us and let us know.

One of our coaches or support team will get back to you.

If you’re still having trouble, please fill out the Relationship Saving Workbook that comes with the course to give us a clear idea about what’s going on in your situation.

If we are still unable to help you make progress in your situation, we will give you a full refund.

You can learn more about our return policy here.

The Ex Solution Course

Navigating Your Ex's Emotional World For A New Beginning Together

Start Your New Beginning Today - $197 USD