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Gain Early Access - And Save $500

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After years of helping people and coaching them with relationships and breakups, It's become clear to me that:


  • The typical single coaching call that most coaches offer simply isn't enough to provide more than a quick assessment of your situation and the next 1 or 2 steps
  • A full year coaching program such as our Commit program might be out of reach for a lot of people.
  • We needed something that allows for meaningful transformation and a reasonable price  


I'm on a mission to transform people's relationships, just like these previous clients: 



Anyone interested in getting their relationship life in the place that they want NEEDS support and coaching to get the outcome they want.


I’ve been touched and honored to help people in this work for years.


However, for a long time, I’ve started feeling that I was the bottleneck in reaching more people.


So, a while back, I asked you if you would be open to working together with me and the Modern Love team to create a coaching program that lets us work with you over a period of time… and is also reasonably affordable.


And The Answer Was A Resounding YES!


You told me that you wanted help with communication, understanding your partner and their behavior, dealing with resistance and them walling you out, how to handle your emotions during this challenging chapter, and what you can do to make progress when you feel stuck or hopeless.


And I think you deserve to have all of that and more!


And so I worked together with you and my team to put together an offer that would allow you to get the coaching you need for just about the price of only 3 coaching 1-on-1 calls (but with access to a LOT more coaching).


Let me explain how it works.

Gain Early Access - And Save $500

The topics we are planning on covering are:


  • Having stronger emotional connections, even if they are closed off and cold now
  • How to keep your emotions balanced and strong in the face of challenges and struggles
  • Recovering after you mess up — it doesn’t have to be “game over” if you know how to recover from a setback
  • How to get momentum if you feel stuck and stagnating in your situation
  • How to deal with rebound relationships so you can stand head and shoulders above anyone else
  • Communicating so your partner will listen, even if they barely take an interest in you or your experience now
  • Opening them up and re-sparking communication when they are completely walling you out
  • What to do if it seems like they are moving on without you? Is it time to give up, or is there a different strategy to use?


On these group calls and 1-on-1 calls, we’ll also answer your questions and make sure you get pointed in the right direction.


How You Can Benefit (And Save $500 Off The Eventual Price)


For the next 10 people that sign up, you’ll be getting a VERY steep discount on the pricing, plus an amazing additional bonus as well.


The price of this coaching program will eventually be $1997.


And, when you consider the value you’ll be getting, it will absolutely be worth it.


But for the nexzt 10 people that sign up (and if you see this page, then the offer is still available for you), you’ll get $500 off the price.


You’ll be able to join us for only $1497.


If you’d like to join us, you can join us right here.

Gain Early Access - And Save $500

Special Bonus For Early Adopters -  Our Unreleased Course: New Beginnings


As you may know, we’ve been helping people with our Ex Solution Program course since 2011.


However, I’ve been quietly working on something even more complete than ESP over the past few months. In fact, we’ll probably REPLACE ESP with this course, in the future.


If you are one of the early adopters to join Confident Connection, you’ll also be getting access to this new course called New Beginnings.


It will cover…


  •  All the strategies and tactics you need to save your relationship and make it work
  •  Advanced Relational Skills for forming a powerful emotional connection
  •  How to recover emotionally after a breakup, whether you are in Damage Control Mode or not
  •  What to say and do to de-escalate intense conversations
  •  How to get your partner on the Same Team as you to work together toward building a great relationship together
  •  What to do if you no longer want to get back together or if letting go seems like the right move
  •  How to date with intentionality to get the relationship that can last the rest of your life
  •  How to set yourself up for online dating success by avoiding the biggest mistakes that men and women make that leave them frustrated
  •  How to powerfully start a new beginning so that your relationship stays strong, built of a foundation for success
  •  How to get back on track when your relationship starts to waver


The eventual price of New Beginnings will be $397.


(And it will absolutely be worth that much as well!)


However, when you join Confident Connection today, you’ll get early access to New Beginnings as well at no cost.


If that sounds good to you, you can join us here.

Gain Early Access - And Save $500

Frequently Asked Questions

We have already started, but it is fine for you to jump in at any time for the next 8 weeks. There will be 2 sessions in order to accomodate people in different time zones.

The first one will be at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

The second will be at 1:00 PM Pacific Time

They will take place over Zoom.

Additionally, after you sign up for this coaching program, we will email you a link to Clay's schedule so you can book your first 1-on-1 coaching call with him, based on your schedule.


We do have a payment plan, which you can find here.

If you need other payment options, here are a few alternatives:

1. Select "PayPal" as your payment method when checking out, then use one of the credit options PayPal offers such as:

  • PayPal credit
  • Pay in 4
  • Pay Monthly

You can then use either your PayPal account or any other payment card to complete your payment

2. Pay for this coaching program using a credit card.

Then make whatever monthly payments work for you in order to pay off the balance.

3. If you are a US resident, we have partnered with a service called Coach Financing to offer loans for coaching programs such as this.

Depending on the specific loan you are approved for, you may be able to pay for this program over 24 to 60 months, which should work out to very reasonable monthly payments.

If you would like to apply for a coaching loan, you can do that here.

If you cannot make the live calls due to your schedule or time zone, we can and will still work with you.

We have a service called SpeakPipe that allows you to leave us a recorded voice message.

You can use this to submit questions and we will answer your questions at the end of each recorded call.

The group calls will be recorded and posted afterward, so you can either review them later to get more out of them... or you can listen to the recordings if you were unable to attend the calls live.

You will have unlimited access to the recorded calls and to New Beginnings for as long as Modern Love remains in business (we aren't planning on going anywhere anytime soon).

Other than that, you will be able to participate in the group calls for the next 8 calls that we have scheduled.

And you will be able to book 1-on-1 coaching calls until you have used all 3 of your calls.

Get The Help With Your Relationship That You Need

Join today and get access to (3) 1-on-1 coaching calls, (8) group coaching calls, and our new unreleased New Beginnings course.


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