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What To Say To Turn Difficult Conversations With Your Ex Into Deeper Emotional Connection

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Connect And Commit


Small moments in relationships can prove to be major turning points that can either open up deeper levels of connection and bonding... Or lead a relationship toward complete disaster.

Start Connecting With Your Ex Today - $47 USD

7 Critical Make-Or-Break Moments For Connecting With Your Ex

In this training we will cover 7 specific situations that frequently frustrate clients I've worked with over the years. These situations are:

  • How to best respond when you first hear about the breakup so that you can reverse it before it happens, or at least minimize the emotional damage that is done, making getting back together much, much easier. This technique is called "Cutting the Red Wire."
  • What to do when you're texting with your ex and they suddenly stop responding. Is the conversation dead? Not necessarily, if you know how to gently prod your ex in a way that can reengage them in the conversation without leaving you confused or frustrated about your ex's mysterious disappearance.
  • What to do when you ex won't even talk to you at all. Using either the Fresh Start technique or the Open Door technique, you can get your ex to let go of any emotional hurt that is keeping them from openning the lines of communication with you again.
  • Frustrated when your ex won't open up to you and only gives short or cold replies? Use the Call to Commit technique to get your ex to answer you in more detail when they give you a bland or lifeless answer like, "I'm good" or "It was okay." You can also pull your ex down to the emotional level of communicating with you by using the Magic Questions that almost force your ex to start investing more emotion into your conversation.
  • Not sure what to do when your ex is extremely negative toward you for no good reason? Or maybe they even accuse you of things that you never did. By using the Negativity Deflection technique, you can turn these tense situations into a moment for your ex to honestly reflect the truth instead of going into "Attack Mode" on you.
  • Worried your ex is moving on or dating new people? By using the Side Door technique, you'll be able to bypass objections your ex may have about spending time together even if they are in a rebound relationship, so that the two of you can start rebuilding your romantic connection together without them even being aware of it.
  • Of course, there will come a time when you need to have a conversation about actually getting back together again. Using the Commitment Collaboration technique, you'll be able to work together with your ex to design a new relationshipi that works for both of you.

Works With Text Messages And Social Media

These techniques help you connect with your ex through text message or social media as well as in-person.

Is Your Ex In A Rebound Relationship?

These strategies will help you even if your ex is dating or in a relationship with someone new (start by using strategy #6)

Works With Long Distance Relationships

If you and your ex are long distance, these strategies can definitely help you to connect with your ex from afar.

Ex Have An Avoidant Attachment Style?

The techniques in this course can help you connect even if your ex is an "avoidant" attachment type.

Start Connecting With Your Ex Today - $47 USD

Instructor: Clay Andrews


Clay has been helping people get back together with the people they love since 2009. Many of his clients have gone on to get married, have children, or live out their dreams with the person they used to call their ex.

Clay's experience draws on years of personal development work, client work, as well as his own experience getting back together with his ex-girlfriend back in 2004.

Clay has been there himself, and gone through many of the struggles that his clients have as well.

From Exes To Newlyweds

"After many months of taking it slow, and talking through our values, our wants,our fears, and life paths, G. proposed to me! We'll be getting married in July sometime and moving to Tanzania together shortly afterward. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for your support and guidance through this all."  

- Natalie L., Washington, DC.

Back Together After An Impossible Situation

"I went from a seemingly impossible situation to being reunited with my girlfriend. Considering that I now have the woman of my dreams back in my life, the money I invested in this coaching program was worth every penny. Mika and Clay are passionate about helping people get back together and supporting their clients. Their advice was spot-on. Without it, I would have never gotten back together with my girlfriend. We are now talking about the possibility of getting married."  

Stephen C., Connecticut, USA

Married To The Man Who Was Once Her Ex

"I wanted to send you a small life update; I got married in a Catholic ceremony to the man who was once my ex, and I can’t thank you enough. You helped me to not only re-establish a relationship with him, but also helped us to have a better relationship than ever before. Our communication is stronger and more transparent, and we handle family issues completely differently now (which was a big factor in our breakup."

- Samantha C. Georgia, USA

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Connect And Commit

What To Say To Turn Difficult Conversations With Your Ex Into Deeper Emotional Connection

Start Connecting With Your Ex Today - $47 USD