Read This Before Applying For Private 1-on-1 Coaching



I’m going to be honest with you.


I know there is interest to work with me 1-on-1.


However, I’m in a place in my career where I don’t NEED to work with clients 1-on-1. In fact, most of the time, I’d prefer not to.


I don’t know about other coaches that you follow, but we’re doing okay. I don’t need to take on any and every client that comes our way in order to make payroll.


I’m honestly more interested in having a wider impact and helping larger amounts of people through our courses or group programs.


However, if you are truly interested in working together 1-on-1, you are more than welcome to apply.


Despite the fact that I'm not actively seeking out 1-on-1 clients, I am open to hearing a proposal you may have to work together.


However, please note that because I’m not actively interested in taking on 1-on-1 clients, private coaching will likely be quite expensive.


And, please note that you’re going to have to demonstrate that you’re the right type of client for me to work with. It’s not enough that you may be prepared to invest a significant amount of money in coaching.


Put some thought and effort into your application to get me excited about working with you.


Or you may find that our other coaching options or our online courses might be a better fit for you.


If you still believe that private 1-on-1 coaching is the right thing for you, you may apply here.

I Have Read This Page And Want To Apply For Private 1-on-1 Coaching With Clay